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The Pushkar Fair is an unique opportunity for the discerning tourist to catch a glimpse of the real magic, beauty, and mystery of India, when a quiet sleepy village hamlet is transformed into a fiesta of spectacular colour, unforgettable scenes and sounds, creating an experience which will lure you back year after year.

Every November the sleepy town of Pushkar in Rajasthan State, India, comes alive with a riot of colours and a frenzied burst of activity during the festival of Kartik Purnima. This spectacle has lured people from the world over since times immemorial. Very few, if at all any fairs in the world, can match the liveliness of the Pushkar Fair, considered to be one of the oldest continuous human gatherings in the history of mankind.

Most people associate the Pushkar Fair with the world's largest camel fair. But it is much more than that. It is an occasion for villagers from far and near to collect together and enjoy in dazzling style and colours a welcome break from their harsh life in the desert. It is also an occasion for Hindu pilgrims to converge for a holy dip in the sacred Pushkar Lake and pay obeisance at the only temple in the world of Lord Brahma, the Creator of the Universe.

Features of this beautiful temple are its red spire, the image of the swan (considered sacred to Lord Brahma), the silver doors in the sanctuary, a marble gateway, a carved silver turtle, decorations of silver coins and walls adorned with graceful peacocks, the celestial vehicle of Goddess "Saraswati" (The Goddess of Wisdom and Consort of Lord Brahma.).

In fact, Pushkar which means a lake created by flowers, was formed when Lord Brahma dropped a lotus flower on the earth to determine a place for his yagna, a holy sacrifice.

The festival lasts 9 days and is divided into 2 parts, the first part being the cattle fair where thousands of cattle, camels and horses are brought to Pushkar to be bartered for and sold.

This year, 2016, the cattle fair commences from 8th November. The second part is a religious fair, starting from 11th November and where people come to celebrate around Pushkar's holy lake.

Raj Resorts provides superlative tented accommodation at its Camp located 1 KM from the fair grounds for the duration of the festival. Transportation to and from the fair is available by decorated and cushioned camel carts, just the way it has been for centuries. The luxury tents (with en-suite bathrooms) make for an idyllic stay in the tranquil countryside. Comfort and hygiene are the hallmark of Raj Resorts. Our team of Chefs will prepare delectable vegetarian meals to suite all palates and exclusive traditional entertainment by dancers and musicians is provided every afternoon during lunch and in the evening.

Advance reservation is recommended.
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